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Lauren Catherine Wrynne was born on the 24Th June 1999 at St. Mary’s Hospital in Manchester. At 3 days of age a nurse noticed Lauren’s facial colour going ‘blue’, Lauren was transferred to the Special Baby Care Unit with suspected heart problems. Later on that night David and I went up to the unit to see the specialist as they had carried out all sorts of tests on Lauren. It was then that we were told that Lauren had a very severe cardiac problem called Tratalogy of Fallot and this heart disease is also associated with a syndrome called Di George. Lauren was also tested for this and it was confirmed that she did have the syndrome and this meat that a very small part of a chromosone was missing, the chromosone deleted is the 22q11.2. Di George syndrome can affect the heart,brain,gross motor skills, and facial character anomalies. Lauren is 1 of 3000-4000 babies born with this deletion.
Lauren has been undergoing life saving surgeries since being 5 days of age, she has had 13 cardiac catherters and two open heart operations both lasting from 9 – 12 hrs each, unfortunately all of these surgeries have only given her short term relief so in November 2004 Lauren under went a thoracotamy as it was too risky to open her chest wall again, this again was to no avail as her lungs had also detereated so much the stent was not able to be put in. We were then referred to the Freeman’s Hospital in Newcastle for Lauren to have a Transplant Assesment. Lauren unfortunatley is too high risk for the transplant she needs which is a heart and two lungs, and this is when we received the devostating news that we would only have two more years with her.
Since 2004 our very good friend Kevin Fitzpatrick has been asking to to organise a charity dance in Lauren’s honour, but sometimes the life of a sick child takes over and the dance never came…. off until this year.
Lauren got a very bad chest infection and ended back up in Pendlebury Children’s Hospital completely dependent on oxygen. I met up up with Kevin and I was telling him about the new Children’s Heart Appeal for a state of the art 3D Echo Cardiograph machine, and the fact it was costing a staggering £113.000!!! I was telling Kevin how important the 3D Echo Cardiograph scan would be for children like Lauren,and how it would give faster more acuarte answers to parents and for the chillren too as they would be awake whilst the scan is being carried out. Lauren calls it ‘jelly on the belly’ and it is just like a pregnant woman having an ultra sound.
Kevin said right, lets get to it,leave it with me and we will get something sorted. True to form Kevin did, he had the date for the dance Saturday May 2nd, so we got to work with Shirley McNally from the British Heart Foundation(who I met during Lauren’s stay in Pendlebury) tickets were printed and distributed to most of Manchester I think!! and our community radio, ALL F.M- Joe Cassserly’s Full Irish show, constantly did announcemnets for the dance giving out all the details.
Kevin is also the Co Chairperson for the Irish Festival in Manchester and he had also been speeking to Councillor Pat Carney telling him about our appeal, and that was it, Lauren led the parade from the Cheetahm Hill Irish Association Club, all the way through Manchester to the Town Hall with Kevin pushing in her in her wheelchair side by side with the then Lord Mayor xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. My Mum and I walked behind the Dignatories with a banner highlighting the Children’s Heart Appeal, this was a great way to show the people of Manchester that the Irish in Manchester were also backing the Appeal.
The day of the Chairty Dance came round so fast I could hardly belive it, Kevin had done so much already behind the scenes, getting a slide show of Lauren’s life together and all the technical information from Shirley for the British Heart Foundation, and a fantastic band called the Stephen Smyth band from Ireland and support from the Ulster Province and their May Queen.
Originally I had asked Shirley to print 1000 tickets but because everyone in our local community knows Lauren, they all wanted to sell tickets and so I had to ask Shirley to print 250 more just in case I ran out.
The evening was going great, even Lauren came for an hour as the guest of honour at Kevin’s request, so everyone could say ‘Hello’ to her. It was only when Kevin was presenting the slide show did I actually realised how packed the room was and how you could have heard a pin drop as he started to tell Lauren’s journey thruough life……….it was at that moment I realised how much all of those people in that room thought of Lauren and of our Family to have been there and shared that special night with us and helping us to help other sick children in similar situations.
The night so far has helped us to raise £10,200 and money is still coming in six months after the dance!! If you would like to help us and the British Heart Foundation raise all the money needed to buy this extraordinary life saving 3D Echocardiograph Machine then please contact us at   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
We as a family would just like to thank each and everyone who either bought a ticket, came to the dance or even sent in donations or prizes. To Kevin we say a huge heartfelt Thank You for everything you have done, it wouldn’t have been the same without you.


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